I’m Jenny – and I’m brand new to this whole blogging thing!

While drinking wine, eating sushi, and being really bad at yoga have been substantial hobbies thus far, I decided 2017 was the year to become truly trendy and take up blogging, as well.  It was either that or suddenly discover an intense love for kale smoothies. . . (kale’s still a thing, right?)

I’m hoping to use this platform simply to share my adventures, experiences, and observations; to make you laugh; and maybe even to make you think. I’m not a professional writer or an expert on any of the topics I hope to cover, just a girl with an internet connection and a tad too much caffeine in her system.

I’m a fan of good stories, bad puns, fluffy animals, and anyone who travels with snacks.  I was once put on the spot and asked to summarize myself in a single sentence.  I went with: “I’m the woman who always has a hair tie, and will always let you borrow it.”

So here’s to expanding upon single sentences!