Winecream: the cool Baltimore treat you need to eat

This past weekend was filled with all kinds of Galentine’s Day celebrations. After all, Galentine’s Day is a fabulous holiday that deserves to be honored with an entire weekend!

I managed to fit in a lot of my favorite things . . . sushi, chips and guac and margs, a bunch of awesome friends, the new Rebel Wilson movie, Isn’t It Romantic (which isn’t my typical genre but was laugh-out-loud funny, and which you should definitely go see).

But one of the more unique things we did was a tour and tasting at the Winecream facility in Baltimore.

the Winecream space in Baltimore

What is this Winecream, you ask? Oh, dear reader. I am about to blow your mind, because Winecream is the unicorn of foods.

Once upon a time, in a faraway land (aka the greater Baltimore region), a family was celebrating Christmas. They were drinking wine and enjoying dessert (which involved ice cream, of course). Suddenly, they had an epiphany! What if you could combine wine and ice cream, thus creating the most perfect of foods?

Thankfully, the Christmas spirits were smiling down upon us all. This particular family happened to have just the right combination of brains to turn this fantasy food into a reality. A son who was an engineer, and a daughter in the health field who was familiar with chemistry. An awesome dad and mom (who happened to be ones giving us our tour this past weekend). And presumably some other equally amazing family members whom I am unfairly leaving out from my dramatic retelling.

The Winecream family spent weekends testing out recipes and refining their creations. They had to create their own wine (fermented fruit, no grapes) to get the right flavoring and freezing abilities for their ice cream. Then they had to find the right ice cream base to which they could add the wine and mix-ins (like berries, cookies, or chocolate chips). And obviously they had to have all their friends taste-test their creations.

Finally, they perfected the process and started selling Winecream at festivals. (I’ve actually enjoyed this magical dessert at the Maryland Wine Festival multiple times.) They have a Coldstone-style process, where customers choose their wine flavor (like mango or strawberry), their mix-ins, and then they freeze it all right in front of you using liquid nitrogen. It’s basically the only science experiment I’ll ever be into.

making Winecream

Then, after several years of selling at festivals, someone convinced them to start producing and selling pints of Winecream.

Since Winecream is still just a fun family project, the production space is only open on the weekends, and is typically closed in the winter. Nonetheless, the Winecream team employs several Baltimore City students. They also provide benefits to their employees, even though the jobs are part-time. Socially-conscious wine ice cream?!?!? Could this get any better?!?!?

Yes, yes it can. You can now visit the Winecream space, take a tour of the historic building, and try samples of some of their most popular flavors.

Our visit on Saturday included:

  • Mango Ginger Crunch (my favorite)
  • Simply Mango
  • Chocolate Mango
  • Very Berry
  • Simply Strawberry
  • Chocolate Strawberry (my other favorite)
  • and a mystery flavor that you’ll find out more about in March!

We learned about the Winecream-making process, got to see the space and equipment they use to make it, heard their Origin Story (i.e. the Christmas tale I recounted), and obviously taste-tested to our hearts’ content.

Winecream decorated for Valentine's Day

But don’t worry; if you can’t make it to a Winecream tour and tasting, you can check them out at festivals, buy pints in stores, and even order online! Even better, you can book a private event (and obviously invite me).

So the next time you’re craving something sweet and a glass of wine, or simply looking for something fun and unique to do with your *over 21* foodie friends, check out Winecream!

Penny for your thoughts?