20 Adorable Animal Instagram Accounts You Need in Your Life

Not gonna lie, I spend a lot of time on the Internet. Some of that is due to my job, some of that is a side effect of blogging, but if I’m being honest, I primarily show up for the cute animal pictures and videos.

And while I believe that cats own the Internet (and basically the world), I’m also of the opinion that you can never have too many adorable animal photos in your life, and so my Instagram feed is filled with all kinds of fluffy animals, not just cats.

So, here’s a roundup of all my favorite animal accounts to follow, because EVERYONE NEEDS THIS KIND OF POSITIVITY IN THEIR LIVES!

1.) Kitten Lady – Hannah Shaw, AKA the Kitten Lady, rescues teeny-tiny kittens that would otherwise be euthanized, as most shelters and rescue agencies can’t accept newborn kittens, since they require round-the-clock care. Luckily for us, the Kitten Lady not only rescues the tiniest kittens, she documents her efforts for her nearly 1 million Instagram followers. Donate to her charity, Orphan Kitten Club, and feel good about the endless hours of scrolling! Bonus: her partner, The Cat Photographer, has an equally purrfect account! 

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Snuggle squad 😍 #squad

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2.) Badge & Leeni – Rescues of The Kitten Lady who found their happily-ever-after home, these two BFFs are so freaking cute it hurts.

3.) Fish & Chips – These cats are more adventurous than I will ever be. Hiking, boating, camping, and more!

4.) Lil Bub – Small but mighty. Your productivity levels will never be the same again. Welcome to the Bub Club.

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Love your pet as much as humanly possible. #lilbub

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5.) Nacho Flay – This is Bobby Flay’s fluffy orange Maine Coon. His name is Nacho, and he is an adorable floof, and he should also have his own show.

6.) Flame The Arson Cat – A sassy cat + firefighters. You’re welcome.

7.) Marcel “Le Corgi” – I’m obsessed with corgis, but Marcel is my favorite! This Frenchman living in England has the sassiest, cleverest, captions and hashtags. He’s also a world traveler, and you can check out his CorGuides to various places.

8.) Louboutina – A giant fluffy dog that hugs strangers on the streets of NYC. What more could the Internet give you?

9.) Bennie & the Pets – Bennie the Golden Retriever lives a more glamorous life than any of us ever will. This dog (and his buddies) seriously belong in a magazine shoot.

10.) Doug the Pug – This universally-acknowledged “King of Pop Culture” has a more entertaining account than anyone you know.

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“‪Out of office, do not disturb‬” -Doug

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11.) Juniper & Fig – Juniper, “The Happiest Fox,” might actually be my favorite animal Instagram account (Shhhh! Don’t tell the cats . . .) Juniper is a rescued fox, as is her buddy Fig. While Juniper and Fig and their friends are adorable, I’ve also learned all sorts of really interesting things about foxes since I started following this account!

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12.) Mill – Mill, the cutest rabbit you’ve ever seen, is only matched by her buddy Enzo, an equally adorable German Shepherd!

13.) Mr. Pokee – Just wait until you see this hedgehog. I CAN’T EVEN.

14.) Goats of Anarchy – With a name like Goats of Anarchy, it’s hard to disappoint. This sanctuary for special needs goats is every bit as precious as you’d imagine!

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Kissable Clara 💋

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15.) Pumpkin the Raccoon – Honestly guys, I don’t even know how I’m writing anymore. I’ve practically melted into a pile of feelings.

16.) Chewpaca – A very fluffy Australian alpaca with a Star Wars name. Fellow nerds, rejoice!

17.) Hamlet the Piggy – To oink, or not to oink? I th(o)ink that you should go follow this account, stat.

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Pass the soap, please.

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18.) Teddy the Shetland – Brb, adopting a Shetland pony. Teddy is a self-described “international heartbreaker who dabbles in modelling/womanizing” and uses the unicorn emoji as frequently as I do, and I AM HERE FOR IT.

19.) The Baby Animals – I am convinced that if people spent 20 minutes a day scrolling through this ‘gram, we would have already achieved world peace.

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Tag your bestie 💕

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20.) The Dodo – The O.G. of Animals on the Internet. If you add one account, let it be this one.

So happy Insta-stalking, and don’t forget that all kinds of awesome local animal shelters, like BARCS or the MD SPCA have accounts, too, and more importantly – need your support!

Let me know if there’s another adorable animal that I need to add to my feed!


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