10 MORE of My Favorite Apps for Awesome iPhone Photos & Videos

Hey guys! I recently got a new iPhone and now that my battery doesn’t die every 20 minutes, I finally downloaded all the photo apps I’ve been wanting to test out and couldn’t.

Let me just tell you . . . they are GAME. CHANGERS.

I’ve written before about some of my favorite iPhone photography (iPhoneography? iPhotography?) apps, but since I’ve discovered so many new ones, I wanted to share a Round 2. This list is tailored to more specific, unique, and creative photography and videography needs, so if you’re looking for more generic apps, check out my original post!

  1. Lightroom CC – This is my new favorite photo app. As a big fan of Adobe Creative programs, the Lightroom app was an awesome discovery. But even if you’re not an Adobe geek like me, Lightroom is really easy to use and will change your ‘gram game. I love the “presets” features, which enable you to filter your photos with Lightroom presets that rarely need additional tweaking.
  2. Photoshop Express – Another Adobe app, this has some awesome preset filters categorized by sections such as “Portrait,” “Pop Color,” and “Duo Tone,” to name a few. You can also add text, graphics, frames, etc. But my favorite tool? The “red eye” and “pet eye” features, which are great for someone who takes as many cat pics as I do. #noshame
  3. BLACK – I swear, photos become automatically classier when they’re in black and white. Take a bad pic? Pop a B&W filter over it and suddenly it’s avante-garde. This app takes you way beyond the traditional Insta B&W options.
  4. A Color Story – With gobs of filters and effects, you can sort by color-family (i.e. “blush,” “golden,” and “chroma”) and style (“glow,” “light leaks,” “bokeh”).
  5. SKRWT – THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE DISCOVERY. Ever take a great photo but have just enough of the wrong angle to throw it off? SKRWT allows you to shift the dimensions of your photo so that it tilts forward/backwards, left/right, angles through a fish-eye or wider view, etc.
  6. AfterFocus – Great for when you forget to select “portrait mode” and want to blur a background or refocus a shot.
  7. Lens Distortions – Want to add a lens flare, fog, snow, rain, shimmers, or other light effects to your shots? This is the app for you. Super easy to use with some very cool finished products!
  8. Prisma – This app is just plain fun. It transforms your standard photo into a piece of art . . . you have to see it to believe it!
  9. KiraKira – In case you were wondering how everyone gets those fun, sparkly, Insta stories, here’s your answer! P.S. Yes, everything is better with some sparkle.
  10. Quik – Powered by GoPro, this app kicks Ripl’s butt. Quik allows you to select a grouping of photographs and pair them music, text, graphics, and transitions. It looks like a professional compiled your images and not a free app!

Hope that helps and happy Instagramming!


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