Gluten-Free Baltimore: my favorite GF-friendly eats in Charm City

Hi guys! Today I wanted to share my favorite gluten-free eats in Baltimore, so prepare yourselves for all the gf carbs your workout routine can handle!

Please note that most of these restaurants are not certified gluten-free facilities, merely gf-friendly. If you’re looking for a certified facility, try One Dish Cuisine, located in Ellicott City, and an expert in all kinds of food allergies, not just gluten.

I’ve also left out any national chains from this list, because (as I’ve also mentioned before) I’m a big believer in dining locally whenever you can.

So without further ado, here’s your guide to gf-carboloading!

Verde – I LOVE pizza. I think all humans love pizza. Ergo, if you do not love pizza, you are not human. This theory will be immensely helpful if Invasion of the Body Snatchers ever actually happens. In the meantime, you should get all the pizza-eating practice that you can at Verde. A chef I worked with for an event tipped me off to this place, and let me just tell you . . .  I’ve tried gluten-free pizza in more restaurants than I can count, and can say with 100% certainty that this stuff is the best in town. They also have awesome burrata, (order the Bella Faccia – mozzarella topped with prosciutto), a solid cocktail menu, and if you’re feeling particularly naughty, a range of desserts including: Nutella pizza, ricotta honey pizza, flourless chocolate cake, and my personal favorite – affogato.

Aldo’s – If you want gourmet Italian, and some of the best food you can eat in Baltimore, look no further. Everything at Aldo’s is perfect, from the impressive wine list to the gluten-free pasta to the Scotch-glazed lobster risotto. Yes, you read that last sentence properly. You’re welcome.

Polenta – This tiny Hampden hideaway is entirely gluten-free, so my Celiac friends, rejoice! It features all your favorite classic Italian comfort food, like a gf lasagna, tiramisu, meatballs, and a million other things you forgot you were missing.

Miss Shirley’s – I am obsessed with brunch, and Miss Shirley’s KNOWS THEIR BRUNCH. Not only do they have some of the most creative brunch dishes in the area, they also are extremely sensitive to gluten intolerances and Celiac disease. One of the first things your server will ask is if anyone in your dining party has a food allergy . . . and then they’ll be able to tell you about their gf pancakes, gf bread, and which sauces are gluten-free (something I’ve found few restaurants actually know offhand).

Corner Pantry – Owned by a Baltimore native and a Brit (already a point in its favor, because really, what’s better than a British accent?) The Corner Pantry has a rotating weekly menu with a gluten-free baked good option. They also offer Saturday Brunch specials, often including a French Toast made out of their homemade gf brioche. See ya next Saturday!

Sofi’s Crepes – Gluten-free crepes. Savory, sweet, cheap, and really, really good. I’ll leave it at that.

Sweet 27 – Another 100% gluten-free restaurant, this is one of my favorite places in Baltimore. They have a complete gf bakery that makes every kind of sweet treat you can crave, an awesome brunch (they regularly do $5 brunch days, where everything on the menu is $5), an extensive bar, and a multi-cultural menu that will satisfy all your cravings. They also happen to be insanely inexpensive, especially considering just how good their food is. This is not your mama’s gf restaurant, and my gluten eating friends and family enjoy it just as much as those who avoid gluten!

Clark Burger – Burgers, poutine, and spiked shakes in between . . . Clark Burger offers gf burger buns that are actually really good. Their garlic frites are also pretty fabulous, but be prepared to share, because nobody can possibly finish a serving single-handedly.

Abbey Burger Bistro – Similar to Clark Burger, Abbey Burger Bistro offers a gf burger bun option. Here you can get super-creative with dozens of gf burger toppings, meat choices, and even a handful of gf sides.

Happy chowing down, Charm City! Let me know if I left one of your favorite gluten-free dining destinations off the list!




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