8 Albums I Can’t. Stop. Streaming.

I have a minor addiction to Spotify and don’t think I’d make it through a day without it. Whether I’m in the car, at work, at the gym, at the dance studio, or typing up a blog post, chances are, I’m streaming something.

What happens when I try to use the treadmill. Also, whose hair looks that good while working out?!? (via Giphy

I listen to pretty much all kinds of music, and I mix it up constantly, so I wanted to share just a few of my current go-to albums with you. Many of these are recommendations from friends who answered my desperate “Help! I need new music!” Facebook plea a few months back. If you told me about one of these, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Now, to pay play it forward:

  1. John Mayer’s The Search for Everything – I’ve been listening to “In the Blood” on repeat for about 72 hours now, and it hasn’t lost its appeal one bit. I think I’m developing an obsession – and that my friends are going to smash The Blueberry’s SYNC system to bits if I don’t let up sometime soon. “Helpless,” “Never on the Day You Leave,” and “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me” are also (in my unqualified opinion) standouts.
  2. Ed Sheeran’s Divide – I know that practically the entire world is listening to Ed right now, but I love his latest album so much that it’s still worth mentioning just in case one of you has been living under a very sad, musically-deprived rock. “Supermarket Flowers” is outstanding (and will also break your heart), “What Do I Know?” is my personal favorite, but truly, there isn’t a bad song on this album.
  3. Kaleo’s A/B – To my inexpert knowledge, this is the only full-length album that bluesy Icelandic rock band Kaleo has put out, and I CANNOT WAIT for the next one. If you like Mumford & Sons – or really, just good music – then you’ll fall in love with these guys, too.
  4. Johnnyswim’s Georgica Pond – This album is sooooo good. Smooth, soulful, with lyrics that draw you in for repeat listens. The title song is maybe my favorite, but it’s a tough call.
  5. Lady Gaga’s Joanne – If I’m being honest, I was never really a Lady Gaga fan. (I feel like the internet is going to eat me alive on that one). But her most recent album has me changing my tune, and humming along on tracks like “John Wayne.” So if you’re one of the three remaining non-Gaga fans out there, download Joanne and come join your fellow converts.
  6. Leon Bridges’ Coming Home – Ugh. HIS VOICE. I can’t even describe it. . . just put his album on play, and all the world will melt away.
  7. Don Henley’s Inside Job – Maybe it’s the current state of the world, maybe it’s the sucker-punch intensity of some of his lyrics, but this album – despite being 17 years old – is spot on.
  8. The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack Awesome Mix, Vol. 1 – I know that I’m cheating a bit with a compilation, and that I’m letting my not-so-inner nerd play DJ, but the soundtrack is just so much fun, and I’m so ready for the second movie.

Most of these are super obvious, and I suspect you’ve already downloaded the majority of them, but maybe there’s a newbie on here that will fuel your playlist for a while. If you have any more recommendations, please let me know! I’m constantly trying to find new music and will take all the help I can get.



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  1. Love! Glad to see most of these are already on my list, but I’d never heard of Johnnyswim before and will definitely be adding! Try Brand New Day by The Mavericks and The Breaker by Little Big Town (if you haven’t already).

  2. Ah, two more! (There’s always more with music) Oh My My by OneRepublic and Young As the Morning, Old As the Sea by Passenger

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