Buffalo Chicken Dip: my go-to Super Bowl snack

Whenever my friends and I throw a party, everyone’s tasked with bringing something.  The running joke, of course, is that I’m in charge of the drinks, because #ShireMargs are a secret family recipe.

But, sometimes I get to shirk my margarita duty and show up with food, like my often-requested gluten-free Nutella-stuffed chocolate chip cookies; Pam’s famous crab dip; any kind of quiche; or even one of my all-time favorites: half-a-dozen different flavors of mini cheesecakes.

Stick with me and we’ll get to those eventually, but for the purposes of this post, I’m going to focus on my game day go-to: Buffalo Chicken Dip.

I owe this one to my college roommate, who straight-up changed my party snack game one snowed-in weekend. . .

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Two 8-oz. packages of cream cheese

1 cup ranch dressing

1 cup buffalo sauce

1 rotisserie chicken, shredded (You can use canned chicken, if preferred.  I’ve even made this out of leftover Thanksgiving turkey before.)

Shredded cheddar to top

Mix everything together and fold in the chicken. Pour into a greased pie plate, 8×8 pan, etc. You can really use any shape pan you want – just realize the more the dip is spread out, the less time it takes to bake.

Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  Add shredded cheddar and bake an additional 10, or broil if you’re really pressed for time!

Serve it with tortilla chips, Frito’s scoops, pita, celery sticks, whatever you prefer!

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